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Ramp's All-in-One CRM: The Ultimate Sales Toolkit for Your Business

Email, SMS & Messaging
Call Tracking
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Missed Call Text Back
Social Media Planner
Website Tracking
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Email Marketing
Automated Workflows
Forms & Surveys
Lead Management
Performance Reporting
Payments & Invoicing
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Pipeline Automation
Referrals & Affiliates
AI Content

Integrate your favourite tools

Ramp’s native integrations easily connect data across your existing digital toolkit. Enjoy modern, automatic tracking without changing the workflows you’ve spent years perfecting.
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Ramp CRM integrates with common platforms like Quickbooks and Facebook

Time is money. Save both.

Compare what you pay for each tool separately.
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CRM & Lead Management
Mailchimp iconActiveCampaign icon
Email Marketing Automation
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Sales Funnels
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Workflow Automations
Calendly iconAcuity icon
Booking & Appointments
Typeform iconSurveyMonkey iconJotform icon
Surveys & Forms
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2-Way SMS Marketing
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Call Tracking
Kajabi iconTeachable icon
Courses & Products
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Tracking & Analytics
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Reputation Management
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Website Builder
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Streamline and automate your workflows

Ramp CRM lets you create custom automations that save time, ensure efficient operations and make for effective management.
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Consolidate messaging in one inbox

Streamline communication into one central inbox; social channels, email, SMS, web chat and more to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Analyse performance with smart reports

Intuitive dashboards of leads, pipelines and opportunities help you make informed decisions and monitor business performance.
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Streamline communications, reach new audiences and engage with potential customers.
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500 Credits


Social Messaging

Call Tracking

Auto Missed Call Text Back

Web Chat

Reputation Management (Reviews)

Text To Pay

AI Content Generation

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Create powerful automations, build workflows and gain insights with performance reporting.
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Everything in Starter +


1,000 Credits

Social Planner


Forms & Surveys

Email Marketing

Automated Workflows

Opportunities & Pipeline

Website Tracking & Attribution

Data Reporting

Boss Mode 🦾
Accelerate revenue generation and increase ROI with advanced features.
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Everything in Essentials +


2,000 Credits

Products & Subscriptions


Affiliate Platform



Course Creation

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Frequently Asked Questions

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Ramp. Simply click "Get Started", register, and connect your desired apps and channels. We’ve got a helpful video series to guide you through your account basics, or you can have us do it for you!

You'll pay monthly for your subscription. Your plan automatically renews so there's nothing to do after signing up.

Ramp's Starter plan is great for communication and reaching new audiences. Essentials empowers you with automations, workflows and powerful reporting insights. Boss Mode will see you powered with everything you need to accelerate revenue generation and increase ROI with advanced features.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time from the Admin panel and see your additional account features immediately from your dashboard. To downgrade your plan, simply reach out to us and we’ll make the changes.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with third-party platforms directly within your Ramp account, where credits are applied to various essential services.

Leverage Twilio's SMS sending/receiving and phone call features at competitive rates. Benefit from efficient email verification at an incredibly low cost (~0.001 per email), and unlock the power of AI content generation at an attractive rate of only (~0.10 per 1,000 words).

For instance, with just 1,000 credits, you gain the flexibility to send approximately 250-1,000 texts, make 1,000 minutes of phone calls, or even send up to 10,000 emails. (1,000 credits equates to approx $10)

Managing your credits is hassle-free; you can easily top up your account at any time via Ramp or set up automated top-ups for uninterrupted access to these invaluable services.

Please note that prices may be subject to change in accordance with the providers and regions.

To enable call tracking and reporting, you must have a forwarding phone number associated with your Ramp account. This service is provided through our Twilio integration. Phone numbers cost $1-3 per month. Call tracking is free of charge but call recordings are charged at ~0.01/min

For seamless call tracking and reporting, it is essential to link a forwarding phone number to your Ramp account. This convenient service is facilitated through our Twilio integration. The associated phone numbers come at a nominal monthly cost ranging from $1 to $3.Rest assured, call tracking itself is entirely free of charge, allowing you to monitor and analyse your call data without any additional fees. However, please note that call recordings, if opted for, are subject to a minimal charge of approximately ~0.01 per minute.

Please note that prices may be subject to change in accordance with the providers and regions.

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