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Partner Perks

Passive revenue
Simply share your unique affiliate link and earn 5% of every paying Ramp customer.
Lifetime Commissions
Add unlimited income straight to your pocket. There’s literally no limit on how much you can earn as an affiliate.
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How it Works

Become our Partner
Sign up to our affiliate programme and get instant access to your tracking link and portal.
Promote Ramp & Earn
Recommend Ramp to your audience and earn 5% monthly recurring commissions for every paying customer you refer.
Lifetime Commissions
Unlike other affiliate programmes, ours is for life. As long as your referred users keep paying, you get paid.
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Frequently Asked Questions

By becoming our partner, you’ll be earning revenue by recommending a better way to generate and track leads.

You’ll be joining our mission to help businesses streamline and automate lead generation, saving time and money.

You’ll earn 5% monthly recurring commission for as long as the customer uses Ramp - the higher the subscription, the higher your reward!

Payouts are made every 30 days and will continue for the lifetime of the paying customer.

You’ll get access to your own portal where you can track all of your referrals and earnings in one place.

Yes, Ramp CRM can be used by anyone, anywhere!

Contact our team here, we are always happy to help!